Moonlight Travellers - Quentin Blake & Will Self

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In 2017 The Jerwood Gallery invited Quentin Blake to put together a show which he gave the title 'The Only Way To Travel'. From this sprung around 20 sombre and haunting works, drawn on sheets of Arches fin watercolour paper with a reed pen and Payne's grey watercolour. 

Alongside these wonderfully melancholy images,  Will Self has woven a narrative of imagination and memory transporting you to mysterious lands fitting for such peculiar modes of transport. 

‘The moon drives everyone mad – you know that, well enough. But this is no lycanthropic or otherwise spooky metamorphosis: it’s far stranger than that…’

A beautiful foiled, linen bound cover takes us into a deep, dark inky journey.

Size: 20 x 15.3cm

Pages: 112 

Publisher: Thames & Hudson


Moonlight Travellers - Quentin Blake & Will Self