Monocle Magazine #110

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The new issue of Monocle is the media special, so we're delving into the world of tech, movies and print. Inside another stuffed edition you'll find a guide to Cape Town, a look at the global cookery book market, Milanese modernism and a trip to Dwarf, a Tokyo-based animation company. The cover story takes a look at the phenomenon of Line, the Japanese messaging app and it's cast of animated characters (we've already downloaded the Brown and Cony stickers)


Monocle is the lifestyle and global affairs magazine. Always packed with content and with it's fingers on the world's pulse, there is a month's worth of reading in each copy!


A beautiful 50 page pull-out insert on the on the visual identity and design of Lufthansa airlines seen through ephemera drawn from the companies archives.

Monocle Magazine #110