Mold Magazine #4 Designing For The Senses

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Issue 04 probes the ways that designing for all the senses can lead to embracing the ingredients, flavours, experiences and routines needed to address the coming food crisis. From understanding how the science of our multi-sensory wiring is fundamental to unlocking environmental and gustatory diversity to a blueprint for designing a truly sustainable, hyper-regional food ecology built on flavour.


MOLD is an editorial platform about designing the future of food and spotlights the ideas that will revolutionize how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come (it is beautifully designed too).


The article on food ASMR! (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). One particular member of team CMV is lucky enough to experience this and is also pretty greedy so she (not giving anything away) is all over this article! 

Mold Magazine #4 Designing For The Senses