Mold Magazine #3 Waste

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Oooh, that cover, waste never looked so good! Issue #3 of Mold considers the ways in which food waste can be a rich resource. In the first article, Lauren Yarmuth from Ideo in New York reports that a third of the food we produce every year is lost during production or thrown out. A third. In the second we step inside Noma's fermentation lab, where food scraps find a new life as balsamic vinegar and garum. In the third we see how colossal fatbergs can become materials for production. Elsewhere the People's Fridge, bio-bean fuel, recycled blood. This is a fascinating, forward-thinking read - and it is a thing of beauty too.


MOLD is an editorial platform about designing the future of food and spotlights the ideas that will revolutionize how we produce, prepare and eat food in the years to come (it is beautifully designed too).


close up photography that seems to turn food into fractals and illustrations that enchant the eye in their abstraction.

Mold Magazine #3 Waste