Mincho Magazine #14

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The new Mincho takes a look at illustrators and image makers whose work has social impact and an activist stance. Inside there are articles on the wonderful linocuts of Paul Peter Piech, the political poster designs of Alain Le Quernec and the many graphical representations of Donald Trump that have been delivered since his election. Elsewhere you'll find the ferocious brushstrokes of Raymond Pettibon, and the political parody in the work of Juan Perez Agirregoikoa


Mincho is a quarterly illustration and graphic arts magazine from Spain (this is the English edition) which examines trends, iconic works and personal projects in the sphere of image making.


Awesome cover design by Alain Le Quernec, dedicated to the man who has his finger hovering over that big red button.

Minch Magazine #14 Illustration & Graphic Design