Max's Picnic Book | Max Halley & Ben Benton

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Max's Picnic Book is a gonzo reimagining of the trad al-fresco experience of soggy sandwiches and wicker baskets. It's a turbocharged evolution in picnicking that, through 16 themed menus curated by fantasy hosts, creates an irresistible opportunity for deliciousness.

From breakfast martinis to perfect iced tea, full-English breakfast sandwiches to an epic fast food Big Max - it's a brilliant re-think that has landed just in time for an unlocked Summer.

There are also hundreds of hacks throughout the book, brilliant ways to rev up your repast - so if adding Campari to Fanta feels good, or adding celery seeds to salt sets your tastebuds tingling - then this gingham game-changer is for you!


Size: 210 x 150mm

Pages: 256

Publisher: Hardie grant

Max's Picnic Book | Max Halley & Ben Benton | Colours May Vary