Magic Circle - Weird Walk Editions

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The power of the winter solstice is surely never any greater than at the epicentre of Weird Britannia, Stone Henge. These photos were taken at the time of the solstice in 2018 and 2019, using two rolls of Kodak Porta 200 film. The results are captured here, along with a primer to this truly magic circle, an illustration of Dr Gerald Hawkins original diagram of the henge and an extract from 'Lavengro; the scholar, The gypsy, The Priest' by George Henry Barrow.


It started as a walk, friends actively engaged in the British landscape. It has become a lovingly put together zine on these activities.


What better place to start the editions series, than at the centre of this mystical masterpiece. 


Magic Circle - Weird Walk Editions - Colours May Vary