Maggot Brain #2

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OH YEAH! Third Man Record's brilliant Maggot Brain finally hits the shelves (thanks guys!) bringing with it a stew of jazz, street symphonies, grunge, country and even snowboarding! 

Inside there are archive interviews and images of Louis Thomas 'Moondog' Hardin, the illustrated tour diaries of Shana 'La Luz' Cleveland, historic grunge riots with Dinosaur Jr, a chat DJ, documentarian and B.A.D frontman, Don Letts, and a tour around punk bassist Toody Cole's new Portland store.


MAGGOT BRAIN, a new, full-color quarterly brought to you by Third Man Records, under the eye of the ‘zine wizard Mike McGonigal. Over 100 pages packed with phenomenal content - art, music, literature, and unpublished archival stuff + more.


This mags LOVE of print, of Oz magazine, of Grand Royal, of Raw, of 'cigar-smelling newsstands crammed with amazing publications'. It shows guys - and this finds its place among the greats.

Maggot Brain #2 | Colours May Vary