MacGuffin #9 'The Rug'

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Rugs, runners, mats and carpet - the new Macguffin takes them all in its stride. Dive into a world of carpet jungles, carpet beaters and carpet traders; war rugs, hairy rugs and prayer rugs; magic carpets, airport carpets and travelling carpets; doormats, tatami mats and coconut mats; carpets made of brick, concrete and peanut butter. 


MacGuffin is a magazine about the life of things. Often seen as humble and prosaic, these objects spring to life under the lens, revealing strange, wonderful and fascinating stories which spin-off at tangents. Beautifully assembled, with varied paper stocks, great photography, handsome illustration, and some very readable copy, this magazine raises the ordinary to the subime.



Rugs aren't all beneath our feet, there's also that furry cape that grows across backs and out of collars...

MacGuffin #9 'The Rug' | Colours May Vary