MacGuffin #8 'The Desk'

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Issue 8 of CMV favourite MacGuffin is devoted entirely to the desk. From desk plants to radical desks as well as a look at the fine art of office pranking. 

Featuring François Dallegret, Emily King, Kazuhide Takahama, Saint Jerome, Formafantasma, Jan Švankmajer and many, many more. 


MacGuffin is a magazine about the life of things. Often seen as humble and prosaic, these objects spring to life under the lens, revealing strange, wonderful and fascinating stories which spin-off at tangents. Beautifully assembled, with varied paper stocks, great photography, handsome illustration, and some very readable copy, this magazine raises the ordinary to the subime.


Talk Show Typologies takes us into the spaces occupied on TV talkshows. 

MacGuffin #8 'The Desk'