MacGuffin #6 'The Cabinet'

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Cabinets may seem like dull, necessary things, but MacGuffin breathes life into these everyday objects through a series of fascinating, insightful and curious articles. Inside this issue of curiosities we find the early work of Ettore Sottsass, the surreal safari furniture of Francois-Xavier and Claude Lalanne and the beautiful, amateur carpentry of the American 'Tramp Art' scene. Elsewhere you'll find the 'Put-Away House' of Allison and Peter Smithson, the counter-culture ideals buried inside DIY manuals and the story behind IKEA's Billy bookcase.


MacGuffin is a magazine about the life of things. Often seen as humble and prosaic, these objects spring to life under the lens, revealing strange, wonderful and fascinating stories which spin off at tangents. Beautifully assembled, with varied paper stocks, great photography, handsome illustration and some very readable copy, this magazine raises the ordinary to the sublime.


The 92 year old William Graatsma, an architect obsessed with the cube and all of its possibilities.

MacGuffin #6 'The Cabinet'