Luncheon #8

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The new Luncheon magazine is here to serve us up cultural aperitifs, hors d'œuvres, specials and mains. Inside another bumper issue filmmaker Rollo Jackson chats to Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor and artist John Booth, Robert Wyatt and Alfie Benge sit down to chat over a fish pie, Lulu Kennedy looks back about across 20 years of Fashion East, there are reflections on the paintings of Steven Campbell and a profile on painter, publisher, collector and writer William N. Copley.


A weighty bi-annual, Luncheon is a style and culture magazine, produced at the Rochelle School in Shoreditch, that sits down with people of all generations and cultural experiences to share their views, life and work over lunch.


A lovely deadpan plate from ceramicist Madoka Rindal

Luncheon #8 - Colours May Vary
Luncheon #8 - Colours May Vary
Luncheon #8 - Colours May Vary