Lost in Istanbul

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These awesome Lost In guides are all about finding the things which make each city unique, the sights, smells, sounds and tastes that signify 'we are here'. Lost In Istanbul is a brand new title which gives us the low down on this city of opposites!

Lost in Istanbul digs out the best eating, drinking, activities and nightlife for us, it scours the neighbourhoods you need to visit and interviews the celebrated locals who know the city like they know the back of their hand. Inside you'll find gourmet Turkish street food, Anatolian rock 'n' roll, cocktails on the Bosphorus and recommendations for the books, music and films which will set you off in the right direction!

Designed by Node, these lovely bag sized guides are beautifully laid out, featuring photographic showcases, in-depth features, and an excellent place index to all the shops, museums, restaurants and galleries mentioned inside.

Lost in Istanbul - Colours May Vary