LogoArchive Extra Issue 'Letters As Symbols'

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The LogoArchive series is the project of Richard Baird, a 

freelance designer and writer working within the field of identity design and the founder of BP&O (branding, publishing & opinion). 

LogoArchive Extra Issue has been curated by and in collaboration with Christophe De Pelsemaker’s Logo Books. This one-off zine samples from De Pelsemaker and Paul Ibou's 'Letters As Symbols' book (2019), which documented symbols based upon letters of the alphabet, and presents 26 alphabetized examples running A-Z.

Also within the pages are some examples of original submission sheets submitted for inclusion in 1991 (the book has had a long gestation from ideation to publication).

This beautifully printed zine forms part of a greater whole which explores the potential of the 'zine' medium, but stands alone as a succinct, but carefully produced guide featuring some exceptional examples of logo design.

Size: 148x210mm

Pages: 10 (with 12 inserts)


LogoArchive Extra Issue 'Letters As Symbols' - Colours May Vary