LogoArchive #5 'technique'

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The LogoArchive series is the project of Richard Baird, a 

freelance designer and writer working within the field of identity design and the founder of BP&O (branding, publishing & opinion). 

LogoArchive #5 is titled 'Technique' and looks at eleven simple techniques used in the production of effective logo design, and includes tesselation, rotation, negative space and repetition.

The logo designs used as reference points span a period from the early 1960s to the late 1980s, a time defined by technical limitation and, as the author notes, one that 'demanded that an exceptional level of care and creativity be given over to shape and space, association and perception'. 

This beautifully printed zine forms part of a greater whole which explores the potential of the 'zine' medium, but stands alone as a succinct, but carefully produced guide featuring some exceptional examples of logo design.

Size: 148x210mm

Pages: 12 (with 10 inserts)


LogoArchive #5 'technique' - Colours May Vary