Little White Lies #103 | Kinds of Kindness

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The new LWL takes a close look at Yorgos 'Poor Things' Lanthimos' new film, Kinds of Kindness. inside


the LWL team chats with Lanthimos and screenwriter Efthimis Filippou about their infamous partnership. There's a catch up with Emma Stone, Jesse Plemons, Willem Dafoe, and Hong Chau, who give us an inside look at the steps to creating one-of-a-kind characters.


Elsewhere film and television critic Charles Bramesco explores the various strange and symbolic screen depictions of the big guy upstairs, and a compendium of confessions from LWLies writers on the moments that have caused them to physically look away from the cinema screen.



A blend of striking illustration and passionate writing make Little White Lies the best way of burying yourself inside the world of film. Each issue is themed around a current film release and the articles within fly off at curious, fascinating, and funny tangents from its heart.


Size: 200 x 245mm


Little White Lies #103 | Kinds of Kindness