Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter | Lucy O'Brien

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"It's just the way that I feel. I've never copied anybody or styled myself after anybody. The way my voice showed up was a kind of accident in the first place."


We love The Carpenters around these parts, maybe it was a '70s saturation that cemented these heartbreaking songs in our heads. 'Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter', published by Nine Eight Books, is an in-depth re-evaluation of this pioneering, unique woman, who, despite struggling with her mental health, created some of the most sublime pop music ever created.


Reframing her legacy through new interviews with friends, musicians and co-workers, Lucy O'Brien's insightful and fascinating book explores Karen's role as not only an incredible singer, but also a musician, producer and arranger of note. Lead Sister also highlights Carpenter's incredible achievements in the face of her struggle with anorexia, now  able to be framed through the lens of new perspectives on eating disorders and mental health.


Size: 160 x 240mm

Pages: 358

Publisher: Nine Eight Books

Lead Sister: The Story of Karen Carpenter | Lucy O'Brien | Colours May Vary