Ladybeard #3 'Beauty'

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The new issue of the excellent Ladybeard is bored with the glossy, mainstream media image of beauty and over its 160 beautifully printed pages offers us viewpoints which deviate from the ingrained norm. This includes a timeline dealing with the concept of ugliness, insight into the skin-whitening industry in the UK, interviews with women living with physical difference and a focus on the women of the movement, who are using amazing & beautiful mastectomy tattoos to reclaim their bodies after surgery. Oh, and there is more, much, much more.


Ladybeard is a feminist magazine whose audience is everyone. Its desire to move away from the binary and the perceived ideal is dealt with by insightful, beautifully illustrated content which plays with fixed ideas of gender, sexuality and identity and by giving voice to people who live in deviation from the 'norm'.


Finding out that the wait of nearly 18 months for this new issue to arrive was more than worth it! 

Ladybeard #3 'Beauty'