Kingdom - Jon McNaught (with signed lino printed book plate!)

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The first book we ever ordered for stock here at CMV was Jon McNaught's 'Birchfield Close'. Something about the work reflected how we felt about the space we were developing - it was calm and serene, gently unfolding. It remains a firm shop favourite, as does Jon. 

Kingdom is his new work, and as before the moments of silence, the slowing down of time into fragments, the lifting of the prosaic into something extraordinary are all here, as is the soft reigned in palette of blues and pinks. A family takes a trip, a summer holiday weekend at a caravan park. Traffic, rain, service station snacks, museum visits, gift shops, adventure. Somehow McNaught stirs memories, makes us recollect and look at the world a bit differently. 

These first edition copies from Nobrow come with a signed and editioned lino-printed book plate. Hen's teeth.

Size: 185 x 255mm

Pages: 128

Publisher: Nobrow



Kingdom - Jon McNaught - NoBrow
Kingdom - Jon McNaught - NoBrow