Kindling #3 | The Imagination Issue

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Issue #3 of Kindling takes a dive into the world of kid's imagination. Inside the feature section you'll find an interview with designer of creative children's toys Cas Holmann, an investigation into digital games and the role they play in our kid's imaginations, and a look at the things that go bump in the night and terrify the nippers (yes ghosts and clowns, we're talking about you).


Elsewhere - the pleasures and pitfalls of making music with kids, how we're dealing with looking after nippers and ageing parents at the same time, and insight on raising a child as a deaf parent.


Oh, and there's an amazing free poster inside Philipe Lindeman



Produced by the folks that make Kinfolk, Kindling is a vibrant new magazine that explores fresh perspectives on raising children.


Size: 166 x 234mm

Pages: 120



Kindling #3 | The Imagination Issue | Colours May Vary