Juxtapoz Spring 2022 [SALE ITEM]

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The new Spring edition of Juxtapoz features stories on American interdisciplinary artist (and cover artist) Derek Fordjour, American figurative painter Alice Neel, Los Angeles-based mixed media artist Patrick Martinez, and North London-based figurative artist Joy Labinjo. Elsewhere you'll find Woody de Othello, Aryo Toh Djojo, Matt Bollinger, Kim Dacres, Kristina Schuldt, Anna Park, Naive John, Peter Saul, Jim Henson, Hein Koh, Javier Ruiz, Angela Anh Nguyen and more!  



Juxtapoz has been going since 1994 and describes itself as a 'contemporary and underground art bible' that showcases art in all of its forms. 


Juxtapoz Spring 2022 [SALE ITEM]