Juxtapoz Magazine - Fall 2019

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Features on Derrick Adams, Robert Williams, Alicia McCarthy, Naudline Pierre, Anna Park, Tim Biskup, Michael Kagan, Tomoo Gokita and Heather Benjamin.

Spotlights on George Clinton and Fluevog, Kensuke Koike, Dave Shuten, Kendra Yee, Ruohan Wang, RVCA World Tour, Pedro Pedro, Mike Shine's Berlin Travels, Gil Bruvel, Sarah Cain and the arti history of Mickey Mouse at the Disney Family Museum. 


Juxtapoz has been bringing us the best in art and culture for over 20 years and the magazine just gets better and better. Published monthly on the West Coast of America, this excellent magazine connects the dots between street art, photography, graffiti, conceptual art, illustration and all points in between. It is a firm shop favourite and always makes its way home with us.


Tim Biskup... mmmm!

Juxtapoz Magazine - Fall 2019