Hypebeast #22 'The Singularity Issue'

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The Singularity Issue celebrates originality. This latest edition is dedicated to discovery through mystery, the unknown, getting lost – and what happens when we embrace all of the above. This issue sees Hiroshi Fujiwara on the cover and a collaborative sleeve made in conjunction with fragment design.

Inside you will find, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Ian Strange, Sheck Wes, SANKUANZ, Online Ceramics and Kiko Kostadinov and interviews with Blondey McCoy, Doublet, and Guillermo Andrade


Hypebeast is a Hong Kong-based fashion magazine which covers a comprehensive range of styles and brands from street-wear to high end.


Each new Hypebeast flips the magazine format, and this issue, with it's slipcase collab with Moncler and Fragmet, is one of the best yet.



Hypebeast #22 'The Singularity Issue'
Hypebeast #22 'The Singularity Issue'