Huck Magazine #63 'The Fantasy Issue'

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The new issue of Huck magazine is here to reclaim fantasy from the clutches of the disbelievers! Inside there is the truth about furry fandom from a dedicated insider, the low-budget, high-energy world of indie wrestling and the Londoners reimagining the beauty and freedom of jazz. Elsewhere we find the director of the excellent Florida Project, a man capturing contemporary subculture through a lens and a female pro-skater taking on a male-dominated industry.


Huck salutes independence, heralds DIY principles and embraces grassroots counter-culture, whether that be in the spheres of music, fashion, travel, art, or... anything else that comes its way. Sharp, fierce, and informative.


After reading the insights of Joe Strike, we're thinking about taking on a 'fursona' all of our own!

Huck Magazine #63 'The Fantasy Issue'