How We Used Saint Etienne to Live | Ramzy Alwakeel

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Saint Etienne stood out in the early '90s - stringing samples and danceable beats into cool '60s pop stylings - looking back, but moving forwards, always forward. 


How We Used To Live, by British news journalist and music writer Ramzy Alwakeel, knits original interviews from Bob, Sarah and Pete, into a collage, mixing time and context, moving forwards and back - a style that suits the band very well. It's a book about memory, about histories; the band's and the author's, and how these things came together.


It's also a story about nostalgia, new towns, record shopping, pop music, London, politics and everything that came to influence and, perhaps, be influenced by the band known as Saint Etienne.


Size: 197 x 130mm

Pages: 158

Publisher: Repeater Books

How We Used Saint Etienne to Live | Ramzy Alwakeel | Colours May Vary