Hotshoe Magazine #206 | Chris Killip

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Issue 206 of Hotshoe dedicates the whole volume to British documentary photographer Chris Killip. Inside you'll find 150 iconic images taken from his powerful photo series, including: Shipbuilding, Seacoal, Huddersfield, Isle of Man TT Races, Here Comes Everybody, and the Miners' Strike.

Featuring essays by Clive Dilnot and Graham Smith, this issue remembers an vitally important photographer who passed away late last year, aged 74.



Hotshoe is an independent London-based photography quarterly. Each issue focuses on innovative contemporary photography and is supported by beautiful images, intelligent writing and stunning design.



On Huddersfield "I am the chronícler of the deindustrialisation revolution. At the time, I was not that conscious of that, but I was focused on photographing all the industries I could, even with límited access. Because I knew it was important."

Hotshoe Magazine #206 | Chris Killip