Horticultural Appropriation | Claire Ratinon & Sam Ayre

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Subtitled ‘Why Horticulture Needs Decolonizing’ this new title from Rough Trade Editions takes form as a conversation between an organic food grower and an artist about the possibility and necessity of bringing a decolonial lens to the practice of horticulture.

Taking place within West Dean Art College and Gardens, the exchange explores how attempts to decolonise collections and spaces currently happening in arts and cultural institutions might inform the interrogation of the colonial history at the heart of Britain’s gardens and gardening.


This new Rough Trade Editions title forms part of a series made in partnership with the Garden Museum.


Each book contains a living seed card inside that can be planted and grown!


Size: 140 x 210mm

Pages: 24

Publisher: Rough Trade

Horticultural Appropriation | Claire Ratinon & Sam Ayre | Colours May Vary