Hole & Corner #23 | Nurture

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Inside the beautiful new issue of Hole & Corner you'll find a dream house in the Scottish borders, an artist using raw ingredients to make incredible pigments, a coming together of farm and fashion that produces ecologically sound knitwear, and flower pressing taken to an amazing new dimension.


Elsewhere - Illustrator Oliver Jeffers discloses his secret sanctuary, Annie Warburton on the cultivation of craftsmanship and a Selects section full of sculptors, cabinetmakers, jewellers and metalsmiths.  



Hole and Corner is a beautifully crafted magazine that brings us beautiful crafts. Fantastic photography nestles with well-written, and long-form writing. A magazine to take your time with.


Size: 245 x 345mm

Pages: 146

Hole & Corner #23 | Nurture | Colours May Vary