Hole & Corner #22 | Family

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Issue #22 of Hole and Corner focuses on 'Family' and "the ties that bind us creatively, the skills we inherit, the DNA that manifests itself in all sorts of ways." It also showcases yet another new look and feel (this one smells SO good).

Inside - a forester proving that trees are living creatures with heart and soul, a ceramicist and natural dye enthusiast bonding through their creative practice, the women working on a remote and beautiful farm in Powys, and the artists celebrating the lost art of repair.



Hole and Corner is a beautifully crafted magazine that brings us beautiful crafts. Fantastic photography nestles with well-written, and long-form writing. A magazine to take your time with.



A new and beautiful re-design whose large format really lets the photographs and images shine.

Hole & Corner #22 | Family