Hole & Corner #16 'Nest'

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There's no place like home, and the new issue of Hole & Corner examines the concept from the inside out and the outside in. Among the pages you'll find Maureen Doherty of clothing brand Egg, the architects behind The Modern House Agency, a father and son team studying the art of nests and a peek into the bohemian life on Eel Pie Island. All this and an assortment of different covers!


Hole and Corner is a beautifully crafted magazine which brings us beautiful crafts. Fantastic photography nestles with well written, and long-form writing. A magazine to take your time with.


The goods section of Hole and Corner always introduces us to the new, unusual and desirable objects. This issue includes beautiful new homewares and interiors for the new season.

Hole & Corner #16 'Nest'