Hokusai Manga - 3 book edition

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Katsushika Hokusai published his sketches in handbook form in 1814, initially to serve as a handbook for his students.The original book 'Hokusai Manga' was a 15 volume collection, which since publication has become an enduring Japanese classic. . This beautiful box set features 3 volumes which form a condensed set of the original work covering over 970 pages. The book, originally block printed in three colours, is a visual encyclopedia of caricatures, satirical drawings and multiple-panel illustrations which form the basis of Manga as we know it today.

Volume 1. Edo Life

Volume 2. The wonders of Nature

Volume 3. Flights of fancy

This is a beautiful set of 3 A6 sized paperback books which come in a card case. 

Size: 148 x 105

Pages: 1044

Publisher: Thames and Hudson


Hokusai Manga - 3 book edition
Hokusai Manga - 3 book edition
Hokusai Manga - 3 book edition