Hauntology: Ghosts of Future Past | Merlin Coverley

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A decade or so back, the term hauntology began to infiltrate the writings of popular music journalism. Here it referred to a temporal disconnection and a nostalgia for possible futures that had been seen to have been lost. It was music haunted by a spectre of the past and explored ideas of cultural memory and retrofuturism

Here, Merlin Coverley gets to grips with the term and tackles ideas of its origin and meaning. In doing so he widens the field beyond music to explore visual, literary, political and theoretical disciplines.

An enlightening and informative introduction that whisks us from Victorian ghost story to the folk horror revival.

Size: 130 x 198mm

Pages: 320

publisher: Old Castle

Hauntology: Ghosts of Future Past | Merlin Coverley | Colours May Vary