Happy Reader #11 'Olly Alexander'

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After Jarvis Cocker in issue 10, the new Happy Reader sits down with another Yorkshire born icon, this time it's Olly Alexander, actor, musician and lead singer of Years & Years. In a conversation with author and journalist Paul Flynn he talks candidly about stardom, sexuality and, of course, books.

The second half of the magazine spins off articles from Alexandre Dumas' The Black Tulip. 


A quarterly dip into bookish waters. The Happy Reader, a collaboration between Fantastic Man and Penguin Books, is one half in-depth interview with a book fanatic and one half a rediscovery of a Penguin Classic.


We at CMV are champions of the humble pigeon, so the tale of China's 'princeling' homing pigeons has to be the highlight.

Happy Reader #11 'Olly Alexander'