Good Pop Bad Pop | Jarvis Cocker (Paperback)

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Fancy a trawl around the attic of life of the Pulp frontman? Well this just might be the book for you. Jarvis Cocker's new book, a memoir of sorts, is loft-y indeed, in that all the bits and bobs of his life that get rifled through are to be found inside the loft compartment of his former residence - lying there untouched for twenty years, now to be cleared out. It's pop stuff, or, as Jarvis says, pulp.


It's a great way to tell a story, to stop and reflect on a life through the objects that lingered a while in it - do you keep it, or do you bin it? Jumble sale shirts, chewing gum packs, notebooks and dirty joke books are just a few of the items that are interred. It's a great story and, never failing to hear Mr Cocker's soft Sheffield tones as you read through, a warm and comforting one. 


Different class.


Size: 130 x 200mm

Pages: 368

Publisher: Penguin


Good Pop Bad Pop | Jarvis Cocker (Paperback) | Colours May Vary