Girls Like Us Magazine #13 | The Club Scene

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The new ‘Club Scene’ issue of Girls Like Us is guest-edited by Swedish queer art & architecture collective MYCKET (meaning MUCH in English). In their preface they invite us on “a personal, political, queer, lesbian, feminist, erotic journey through The Club Scene” and they really deliver. Conceptually divided into 10 chapters, the mag (which, as ever is beautifully published and stunningly laid out) takes us from The Sidewalk, over The threshold, into The Closet, up The Flight of Stairs, and finally back on to The Street. It’s an adventure, an escape, a welcoming space “where pleasure and politics dress up and make out.”


Girls Like Us is an independent magazine produced in the Netherlands. It turns the spotlight on an international expanding community of women from all genders within arts, culture and activism


The current desire to revisit pop-cultural ephemera is alive and well here as we’re presented with a beautiful array of club flyers. 

Girls Like Us Magazine #13 | The Club Scene