Gal-Dem 'The Un/Rest Issue'

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'The Un/Rest Issue' is the 4th edition of Gal-dem and the first that sees this wonderful magazine move from side project to full blow occupation (with a new office and everything!). Inside the intricacies and contradictions of UN/REST are tackled - you'll find interviews with authors, Paralympians, jewellers and new literary luminaries (see cover), and articles on sleepovers, healing music, women demanding justice through unionisation and the people behind the dynamic UK sound system scene.


Gal-dem is a magazine where all of the content is produced by women and non-binary people of colour. Personal, political and thought provoking.


Gal-Dem goes 9-5, gets regular breaks and takes time out to sit awhile. It's worked wonders, this is the best issue yet.

Gal-Dem 'The Un/Rest Issue' - Colours May Vary