Fukt #19 | Storylines: The Art of Narration

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Every new issue of Fukt leaves us with our mouths agape. Yet again, the wonder and beauty of the art within is enclosed within a cover that always does it complete justice. It's a concertina sleeve that pulls out revealing an intricate pandemic map by Fuller on the flip.

This issue is all about narrative art and ways of telling stories in contemporary drawing. Some amazing work is in store for the lucky buyer - including pieces from Chris Ware, Bjorn Bjarre, Jana Gunstheimer, Maria Paz, Sakubei Yamamoto, Maria Medem and tons more, bringing enjoyment to your eyeballs and hearts.


FUKT is a magazine about contemporary drawing. Founded in Norway in 1999 and now published in Berlin, FUKT changes our expectations of what drawing is, and what it can be.


It is just a beautifully put together collection of drawing - a window on a serene, calm and, often strange world.


Fukt #19 | Storylines: The Art of Narration | Colours May Vary