Frame Magazine #146 | May - June 2022

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Inside the brand new Frame we meet the founders of the Paris production studio Back of the House, find out what the great Italian architect and designer Michele De Lucchi has learned during his career, and sit down with Benjamin Hubert, the founder of Layer, to find out more about becoming an informed generalist.


Elsewhere we find out how kaleidoscopic colour is injecting energy into retail environments, how spatial design can encourage activity in the workplace and how tactility and sensory pleasure are returning to shops interiors.


The Lab section deals with he evolution of adaptable and transformable home design, home tech that responds to its inhabitants and homes as seamless, fluid and adaptable spaces.



Frame is a future-facing bi-monthly print publication that guides us through what's driving the spatial design industry today.


Size: 297 x 23mm

Pages: 160



Frame Magazine #146 | May - June 2022