Flow Magazine #29

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Creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasure await inside the new Flow Magazine. Inside there are articles on tackling your problems head on (instead of whining about them!), talking more about death (rather than bottling it up) and the joy of slow running (rather than belting along to achieve your PB). Elsewhere you'll find articles on Daphne du Maurier, vintage photos of women in trees and instruction on how to make plant people! (All of this plus part 3 of Flow's mini course, which in this issue is all about getting to know yourself through writing.


Flow Magazine celebrates ‘creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures’. With regular sections centred around being connected, simplifying your life, spoiling yourself and mindfulness, it provides a way to slow down, take your time, take comfort in small pleasure and … get crafty with loads of papery goodness.


That beautiful cover from artist and friend of the shop Brie Harrison!

Flow Magazine #29