FFF Zine #4 'The Romance of Food'.

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The new FFF Zine (which, sadly is the last), is all about love. Inside there are saucy food presentations, break-up recipes, tactile garments for intimate moments and even some dining and disrobing outdoors. You'll also find in-depth interviews with Australian TV chef Pamela Clark, crafter of weird and wonderful food installations Laila Gohar, and LA-based documentary filmmaker Chris Moukarbel.


Did we mention chaos and fun already, well FFF delivers that in spades, while bringing you recipes, reviews and recommendations from seasoned tastemakers, with step-by-step instructions for the fashion hungry!


A final editorial that details things NOT to be found in the magazine, including a range of corporate apparel from Sigourney Weaver! 

FFF Zine #4 'The Romance of Food'.