Félix Beltrán: Visual Intelligence

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This beautifully published monograph on Félix Beltrán is brought to us by German publisher Optik Books - a real graphic design highlight of 2021 and an essential bookcase addition for anyone interested in design as a tool of communication.


Félix Beltrán, born in 1938 in Havana, Cuba, is one of the most important Latin American graphic designers. He studied at the famous School of Visual Arts in New York in the 1950s and was influenced by mid-century modernism. For more than six
decades, he has shaped a conceptual approach to graphic design that emphasizes simplicity as a fundamental principle of effective visual communication. His works are situated in the tension between abstract geometry and concrete art. This book is the first monograph on Beltrán. It not only shows hundreds of his logos, posters, and book covers, but also provides a deep insight into the conceptual and creative mind of the Cuban graphic designer.


Size: 140 x 209mm

Pages: 360

Publisher: Optik Books


Félix Beltrán: Visual Intelligence | Colours May Vary