Fearless: The Making of Post-Rock | Jeanette Leech

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Post-rock. POST. ROCK. The term, coined by journalist Simon Reynolds in the mid-Nineties seems empty now, dull and toothless. Almost 25 years on, the landscape has changed irrevocably, where we were once post-rock, we are now post-internet, post-truth, post-caring. We can listen to anything, any time, anywhere, we can make gluttons of ourselves. Who cares about the name tag, when we can gorge at a table of everything that has ever been recorded? 

Why is it then that this book by Jeanette Leech stopped us so squarely in our tracks? Why should we be glued to a (largely quiet) history of lesser known bands and their contribution to the field of 'popular music'? Maybe it is something to do with possibilities, of creation without recourse to rulebooks, of doing something different, of... making something new.

Fearless: the Making of Post-Rock charts a course from Post-Rock's iconic antecedents (The Velvet Underground, Can, Sonic Youth) through to the canonical touchstones (Talk Talk's 'Laughing Stock'), brave new works (Bark Psychosis's 'Hex') and the bands that, through their rejection of rock 'n' roll tropes, hierarchies and (largely) lyrics, gave us some of the best, most innovative music to bless ears.

Beautifully pieced together from interviews with band members (Leech interviewed over 40 musicians for this book), the book is a 'from the horses mouth' account of truly experimental, forward thinking times. If you have a place in your heart for Disco Inferno, Bark Psychosis, Rodan, Codeine, Mogwai,  Moonshake and a host of other seminal bands, then this will pour petrol on your memory embers. If you have no idea who these bands are - buy the book, buy some albums and set your mind afire.


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Fearless: The Making of Post-Rock | Jeanette Leech | Colours May Vary