Fatboy Zine #4 | 'Everywhere At Once'

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The new issue of Fatboy Zine explores the travel, influence and expression of Asian cuisine experienced outside of Asia itself. Inside you'll find chats with the owner of London-based Junzi Kitchen and Eat Nice Day, a sit down with the two of the founders of BAO in Soho, and a meet up with the owner of Indonesian supper club Eat With Spoons.

All that reading can make a person hungry - so all hail the recipes for burnt coconut Basque cheesecake, the epic 'cong you bing' scallion pancake and a make your own chilli oil recipe that will have your other condiments green with envy.



FatBoy is a diary and a cookbook. But more than that it’s a greedy attempt to document Asian food and Identity.


Size: 148 x 210mm

Pages: 56




Fatboy Zine #4 | 'Everywhere At Once' | Colours May Vary