Fare Magazine #6 - Tbilisi

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Fare magazine heads east to the Georgian capital Tbilisi for its latest issue. Inside you'll visit underground natural wine bars, learn about the Georgian tradition of 'supra', dine in the Sasadilo Coca Cola Canteen and discover the art of hand-made soup dumplings and traditional cheese bread.


A beautifully published magazine which travels from one city to the next with each issue. Edited by Ben Mervis, a food historian who once worked with Rene Redzepi at Noma and sits as part of the Netflix Chef's Table team. Yes, it's as good as that sounds.


The beautiful, meticulous illustrations by David Machavariani, which accompany his graphic novel of Georgia's greatest epic 'The Knight in Panther's Skin'.

*Issue 3 'Charleston' and Issue 4 'Seoul' now reduced!

Fare Magazine #6 - Tbilisi - Colours May Vary