Fare Magazine #5 - Glasgow

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Fare magazine has globe-trotted far and wide over the last few issues, so it is only fair that they take some time to rest up and have a good look at their hometown, Glasgow. From the front page in, where we are greeted by the familiar red and yellow chevrons of the Tunnocks Caramel, this issue feels familiar, yet different, unveiling The Dear Green Place as a city of warmth and familiarity as well as one of  inspiration and uniqueness.

Inside you'll find talented potters, vegetarian Punjabi cuisine, makers and bakers of Indian roti, gin distillers foraging for flora, refugee run community gardens and stories from the city's culinary past.


A beautifully published magazine which travels from one city to the next with each issue. Edited by Ben Mervis, a food historian who once worked with Rene Redzepi at Noma and sits as part of the Netflix Chef's Table team. Yes, it's as good as that sounds.


Mathew Hancock's Constuctivist inspired illustrations, which accompany Ed Pickford's 'Workers Song'.

*Issue 3 'Charleston' and Issue 4 'Seoul' now reduced!

Fare Magazine #5 - Glasgow - Colours May Vary