Fantastic Man #34 | Among Writers

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The new Fantastic Man dedicates a whole issue to the transformative power of words and the people who know how to use them to stunning effect. Inside you'll find a host of literary talent and wordsmiths, featuring:

Paul Mendez, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, Jon Ronson, Brontez Purnell, Behrouz Boochani, Neil Tennant, Abdellah Täia, Aamuel R. Delany and Ocean Young.

Also - in Utopia, we embark on a queer pilgrimage to the Peak District residence of pioneering gay rights activist and social philosopher Edward Carpenter. a few Leeds faces are to be spotted in this parade of intimacy, fun & friendship.



Fantastic Man is an award-winning men's fashion and lifestyle magazine from the Netherlands. Full of beautifully photographed fashion spreads and great journalism encompassed within an eye-catching layout - FM has spent the last decade getting better and better.



Wolfgang Tillmans turns his lens on printed matter

Fantastic Man #34 | Colours May Vary