Failed It By Erik Kessels

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The subtitle of this excellent little tome by Dutch artist and designer Erik Kessels is ‘How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up’ and this is exactly what the book is about – failure as an indicator of success, the precursor to a positive outcome. Can misfortunes, hiccups, mistakes and blunders be rethought as beneficial? Can humiliation and failure be enablers in the creation of something singularly unique? Kessels thinks so, and in his clearly written humorous text he brings us chapters on the epic fail, failing to follow rules, happy failures and failing to find inspiration – all accompanied by hilarious examples and jaw dropping photos. Yes you’ll definitely laugh, but you’ll learn. It is okay to stuff up, failure can be glorious, embracing it can take away your fear and using it can and should be part of the creative process.

Size: 178 x 120mm

pages: 168

Publisher: Phaidon

Binding: softback

Failed It by Eric Kessels