Eye On Design #6 'Utopias'

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Issue #6 of Eye On Design is looking to a better world, searching both forward and back to find positivity, progress and possibilities to inspire us. The Utopias issue covers everything from the origins of Modernism to the next big ideas which may shape our world. Inside we drop in on the incredible house of the equally incredible cartoonist Seth, visit the female-run open-access print studio run by the OOMK, follow the student's trying to save one of the last U.S. colleges to offer free tuition and ponder the myth of the digital nomad. Elsewhere there are articles on a democratically owned web, thoughts on responsible design and an illustrated guide to utopias constructed by women.


A coming together of beautiful physical artefact, literary journal and design showcase. This is a beautiful piece of design publishing by the team at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).


Na Kim has been brought in as guest designer for this issue - and the results are stunning

Eye On Design #6 'Utopias' - Colours May Vary