Eye On Design #2 'Psych'

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Issue #2 of Eye on Design is the 'Psych' issue and is a suitably lysergic read (check out those seriously trippy Day-Glo inks). From magazine anti-aesthetics to the pop psychology of food packaging, this amazing, eye scorching issue rips design from its tasteful white space and plunges it into a beautiful, hypnagogic chaos. Elsewhere there are optical illusions, the future of design (as predicted by a tarot reader), and the unsung female heroes of psychedelic art. Oh, and drugs.


A coming together of beautiful physical artefact, literary journal and design showcase. This is a beautiful piece of design publishing by the team at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)


Am I reading this magazine, or is it reading me? We're not sure, but that amazing die cut Eye on the cover is following us all around the shop.

Eye On Design #2 'Psyche'
Eye On Design #2 'Psyche'
Eye On Design #2 'Psyche'