Eye Magazine #95

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The feature articles in this issue of Eye Magazine all focus on the enduring value and power of the designed graphic form. Inside we meet the brilliant Swiss design collective Atlas Studio, Sit down for an interview with cartoonist, illustrator and animator R.O. Blechman (for an engaging and hilarious walk through his 70 year career) and re-assess the powerful poster work of David King, whose anti-Nazi, anti-Fascist messages are more pertinent now than ever. Add in a French Aladdin’s cave of printed history and treasure, a catch up with the small, but prolific design team Triboro and the usual epic slew of exhibition and book reviews and you’ve got another corking issue of Eye in your hands.


A quarterly journal of graphic design which is always critical, well written and well informed, as well as beautifully published and gorgeous to look at.


 Joao Farkas' photographs of the folk traditions of Bahia. The colour and creativity of the careta masks in these photos is an absolute joy (and there is definitely something of the 'don't hug me i'm scared' videos about them!)

Eye Magazine #95